podcasting bait boats

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Have fun listening to our  bait boat blog

carp fishing fun with rc bait boat

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carp fishing made more fun with your rc bait boat

My Cooliris Wall

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bait boat review jabo vs viper icon atom bait boat

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bait boat

Download now or watch on posterous

warmtepomp-advies.wmv (4163 KB)

comparison table

baitboat reviews jabo viper icon atom bait boat

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hope you like thes tips on the advantages of fushing with a bait boat

baitboat fishing gets popular

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baitboatfishing is more and more accpeted as an attractive way for more fun for the carp or pike fisher.

Have a look at  this video on how bait boats help you catching more carps:

bait boat help for catching great carps

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How to catch those great carps


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